Полигон Конвертер XML

The program "Range: the XML Converter" to convert a cadastral XML files

Computer program "Range: the XML Converter is designed to convert a cadastral XML files of any size issued (handed) Rosreestra, in MIF/MID format (MapInfo), DXF (AutoCAD) and other formats, get files. Description: The program "Range: the XML Converter is a standalone program with an intuitive user interface, simple and easy to use. The program allows you to convert graphics content of any XML-file, issued by the Federal service for state registration, as well as any trade-in Rosreestr: land surveying, technical plan etc. Converts all file types it recognizes all types of objects: plots, multi plots, seized parts (holes): part, the boundaries of the cadastral quarter, the entity (municipality, village), borders and other territorial areas, objects of capital construction, their parts and contours. Also in the XML file, you can download not only graphical objects but also their signatures and reference points-boundary networks. Features: Conversion of cadastral XML files in MIF/MID format (MapInfo), DXF (AutoCAD): the cadastral excerpts of land plots (ZU); cadastral extracts of capital construction objects (rsos); cadastral territories (CBT); the cadastral passports of the land plots (storage); cadastral passports of objects of capital construction (ACS); XML-files technical plans of buildings, structures, objects of incomplete construction; XML files boundary plans; The XML file maps (plans). The functions of auto-enrollment and auto-renewal program.

Minimum requirements: Компьютер 2000 года и новее: Pentium Celeron 1000/64Mb.

Operating system: WinXP,WinVista,Win2000,Windows2003,Win98,WinME,Windows 8

Program URL: http://pbprog.ru/products/programs.php?ELEMENT_ID=3323

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ЛИЦЕНЗИОННОЕ СОГЛАШЕНИЕ на использование компьютерной программы "ПОЛИГОН: КОНВЕРТЕР XML" Демонстрацинная версия, предназначенной для организации питания и учета продуктов в дошкольных образовательных учреждениях.

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