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App-Nanny is a parental control software developed by, a small independent software development studio located in Virginia, USA. We have children of various ages with some computer addiction problems. We developed App-Nanny to solve the dilemma that, on one hand, many school related activity, such as checking emails, browsing online references and textbooks etc. require unrestricted access to the related sites, while on the other hand, kids would wander away to other web sites, waste their time and develop computer addiction. After we used some parental control software, we see they all can be improved in terms of speed, features, user-friendliness and affordability. Many of them failed to address the problem of how to control computer addiction while allowing full access to school work related sites. This motivated us to make App-Nanny. We have used it on our own and some friends' children to validate App-Nanny's effectiveness.

Publisher’s software


A tool to block digital distractions while allowing access always-allowed-sites

Windows | 1.0.0 | 24 February 2013