Fixed Asset Tracking Made Easy With Asset Manager

Press release: Asset Manager Enterprise Edition

Product Manager Kevin Sparks announced: "Cost control is a fundamental issue that businesses of all sizes are facing today. An effective asset management program is at the core of any cost control initiative. Using Asset Manager 2019 to track assets through their lifecycle, businesses can dramatically reduce the cost of misplaced, stolen, or unneeded assets. In addition, the easy-to-use barcode search and check-in / check-out functionality offer a new level of control for businesses that may be looking for further efficiencies in their Asset Management process." Asset Manager 2010 provides the functionality for tracking assets, personnel, and vendors in one affordable package. Kaizen Software Solutions looks forward to helping customers continue to improve their Asset Tracking and Asset Management process with an affordable and easy-to-use solution. To find out more and download a free trial version, visit their website (Asset Management Software), and get started with a new asset tracking system in 5 minutes or less.