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Download subtitles in any language for your videos

Atlas Subtitler makes it very easy to download subtitles in any language for a whole series of videos. - Drag & Drop of files or entire folders onto the app - Highly sophisticated algorithm to extract the video title - Processing of multiple videos at once - Querying of multiple servers for subtitles at once - Automatic or manual selection process to find the most valuable file - Shifting of the timings (synchronization) in a part or the whole video - Preparation of subtitle files to make them play optimally on the player - Automatic or manual character sets used in the subtitles - Support for about 70 languages (updatable) - Support for up to 4 subtitle languages, in a priority order - Support for devices that can only handle the main srt file (eg. Dreambox, VU+) - Single click backup operation of existing subtitle files - Playing videos with one click - Scanning of videos for defects and display of lost timespan - Copying of videos and subtitles or whole folders somewhere else having a last used directory list (history). Background processing with selectable priority and finishing options. Special possibilities in the case of an overwrite. - Moving much the same but space is preserved by deleting a file immediately after copying. - Display of info files that are laying beside the video by a click - Opening of a new Explorer window directly which highlights the video or directory - Opening subtitle files for editing with a single click - Dialogs which are sizeable and moveable and still keep their bounds. All input is remembered even if the application is closed. - Extended error handling throughout the whole application (the file systems and web are kind of unpredictable). - Extended testing for several different configurations - Can be called from command line - Supports SubRip (*.srt) and MicroDVD format (*.sub) - Automatic program update system - Bug sending system - Tooltips and context sensitive help

Changes: Replacement of dots more restrictive when to be done. Default value for Encoding combobox corrected a second time. Some strange bugs in WinForms Combobox could make it empty. Robustness further increased. More exceptions are handled that could possibly occur.

Minimum requirements: Internet access, 800 x 600 screen resolution

Operating system: WinVista,WinVista x64,Win7 x32,Win7 x64,Windows 10,Windows 8

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Atlas Informatik released a new version that makes downloading of subtitles to a video in up to 70 languages even more easy. A new shift method and preparation for a certain player was added, and a lot more.

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