Breaktru Quick Conversion

Easily converts several units of length, weight and capacity measures.

Lite version converts several units of length. Plus version converts length, weight and capacity measures. By typing a number into box provided will instantly display the results without the user having to search through a confusing menu of choices. Great for mathematical problems, science or travel. Many different uses for this program. Small in price and size - you can't go wrong! A nice little download!

Changes: Updated for Windows 10

Minimum requirements: n/a

Operating system: Win2000,Win7 x32,Win7 x64,Win98,WinVista,WinVista x64,WinXP

Program URL:

Breaktru Quick Conversion screenshot


Special permissions

No one may modify or patch Quick Conversion executable files in any way, including but not limited to decompiling, disassembling, or otherwise reverse engineering the programs. You may include this Lite version on your CD for distribution. A limited license is granted to copy and distribute Quick Conversion-Lite including on CD only for the trial use of others, subject to the above limitations, and also the following: 1) Quick Conversion and all of its release files must be copied in unmodified form, complete with the file containing this license information. 2) No fee, charge, or other compensation may be requested or accepted, except as authorized below: A) Operators of websites may make Quick Conversion lite available for down- loading only as long as the above conditions are met. B) Vendors of user-supported or shareware software approved by the ASP may distribute Quick Conversion-Lite, subject to the above conditions, without specific permission. Non-approved vendors may distribute Quick Conversion only after obtaining written permission from author, D.E. Giordano. Such permission is usually granted. C) Non-profit user groups may distribute copies of the Quick Conversion disk/download to their members, subject to the above conditions, without specific permission.


Non-licensed users of the Plus version is strictly prohibited. A license for personal use may be purchased that grants the Plus user the right to use Quick Conversion on one or more computers. A commercial license requires sufficient licensing equal to the number of users, or the quantity of workstations that access the software, whichever is smaller.

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