Cheewoo Engineering

Korea (Rep)
1614, 21Centurycity, Daeyeon Dong Nam Ku
P: +82-(51)-610-1264

Cheewoo Engineering is making CAD/CAM/CNC/CAE & Image/Security products for industrial companies, R&D organization / laboratories and universities since 1999. In many cases, we are using our own developed mathematical equations, algorithms and kernel modules to make our products because we believe that it is almost impossible to support our customers various and sophisticated requests / requirements if we do not have our own kernel modules in our products. Our products contains 1D/2D part nesting, CAM for CNC sheet cutting / pipe profile cutting / pipe bevel cutting / all-in-one sheet cutting plus pipe profile cutting / 5-axis surface inspection, NC path simulator for sheet cutting / pipe profile cutting, CNC builder for 2~6 axis pipe profile cutting machine / pipe coaster / all-in-one sheet cutting plus pipe profile cutting machine / 5-axis surface inspection machine, raster to vector image vectorizing software / viewer, document / PC security software, welding analysis software.

Publisher’s software


Making 2-Axis CNC controller by combining this software, PC and TURBO PMAC

Windows | 2.2.1004.1003 | 31 August 2017


1D part nesting program to minimize remanent and maximize packing rate

Windows | 2.2.1000.1057 | 17 September 2016


Converts any selected text array in a CAD drawing into spread sheet cell table

Windows | 2.1.0005 | 13 August 2009


Document security program makes data encapsulated stand alone execuatable viewer

Windows | 1.2.0001 | 21 August 2009