Clever Internet Suite 8.1 - Internet Components for RAD Studio 10 Seattle is out now

Press release: Clever Internet Suite

Publisher: CleverComponents

The Clever Internet Suite components will allow you to send and receive e-emails; manage files on the remote server via FTP and WebDAV protocols; communicate over the most popular Internet protocols; securely transfer sensitive data; call remote procedures using SOAP WSDL with SOAP Security support; transfer JSON data; work with REST services and many more. Including more than fifty components, this library provides you with plenty of useful utilities such as the ability to connect to multiple e-mail servers using the secure SSL/TLS channel. The SFTP component uploads and downloads files, as well as manages files and directories via the Secure File Transfer protocol (SSH). The Clever Internet Suite also includes fast and reliable download managers, allowing you to pause and resume downloads, including broken ones from HTTP, FTP and SFTP servers. The library supports both 32-bit and 64-bit platforms, includes Delphi runtime and design-time packages. The OAUTH authorization for SMTP, IMAP and HTTP components fully supports Gmail, Google Apis, Facebook, Twitter, Yandex and other Cloud services. The SOAP component allows you to communicate via SOAP-DSIG and SOAP Encryption protocols. A simple and reliable JSON parser allows you to communicate with any Java RESTful web service. To summarize the powerful and extensive abilities of this program, it will allow you to access all your Internet resources efficiently and reliably all from one place, dramatically speeding up the process and making your resources far easier to keep track of. In addition to these features, the program also allows for data compression while receiving data. There is also extensive support for a wide variety of different protocols. It also promises unlimited Online support and one year of free updates. The recently released new version 8.1 includes a set of new components, new features and provides the full RAD Studio 10 Seattle support.