Data encryption software for email, folder and file encryption.

Data encryption software by CryptoForge allows you to secure your sensitive data everywhere it goes with strong AES encryption. It features a file encryption module which allows you to encrypt files and folders of any type and size, on any kind of media, including external USB drives, mobile devices, flash memories, and network folders. It also includes a file shredder for secure data disposal. Email encryption is also very simple since recipients of encrypted files don't have to install software to be able to decrypt the files. The Text encryption module converts anything into ciphertext. You can send encrypted text via any messenger program, or even post the ciphertext to social networks. This encryption app also features multiple encryption, file name encryption, data compression, cipher speed meter, four encryption algorithms, and a complete command line interface for easy integration into existing systems.

Changes: You can now send encrypted files to anyone, or decrypt files on any computer with the new Decrypter app, which is a portable, free, and tiny app that allows the decryption of files on any computer without CryptoForge installed. It also includes security improvements and bug fixes.

Minimum requirements: 14 MB of free disk space

Operating system: WinXP,WinVista,WinVista x64,Win7 x32,Win7 x64,WinOther,Windows2003,WinServer,Windows 10,Windows 8,Windows Server 2012

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For so long as the evaluation Software Product is the most current version distributed by CryptoForge Encryption Software, at, you may give exact copies of the evaluation Software Product to anyone. You may not charge any fee for the copy or use of the evaluation Software Product itself. You must not represent in any way that you are selling the Software Product itself. Your distribution of the evaluation Software Product will not entitle you to any compensation from us. You must distribute a copy of the license agreement with any copy of the Software Product and anyone to whom you distribute the Software Product is subject to this license.


End User License Agreement is displayed during the installation.

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