Data Recovery Software for FAT

Software to Pull Back Unexpected Data Losing As Deletion, Disk Formats and etc.

FILE ALLOCATION TABLE is type of storage area to secure data from any situation of data missing. It is a best way to maintain security of data and we got the data when we requirement after the deletion. FILE ALLOCATION TABLE: It is a process of storing data in system hard drives, SD cards and other storage items. In this process it creates two copies of every data and store them two type’s first one as root file and second one as cluster form(fragmented file).Root File is easily accessible file for the users of system and cluster file is not accessible for anyone. FAT file contains various details: It contains the Name of every file which is stored in this table. It has the details of time and date of files creation, updating, deletion and access. It shows the information regarding size of file. It has complete knowledge about the using type of cluster. It provides the location or status of files in the system. Software offers the secure and reliable data recovery for FAT partition. It is available for both personal and official purpose. Application is complete user friendly. It can be used by every type of person with or without technical knowledge as well as it has online support (mail) of company. Software is able to doing three types of search: 1.Basic search: This Search is performing to find the partition of devices. It can get back data which is lose in common or generally kind of lose. In the Speed of scanning data and retrieve that in a specific folder is very fast compare to deep search. 2.Deep search: It is performing to search and regains data which is lost due to crucial cases of data missing. It gives the complete search of data which was missing any type of accidental action. 3.Signature search: This search is use for find different kind of file types as well as got the structure of storage media. We have option to choose the folder to be recovered.

Minimum requirements: Any windows

Operating system: Windows11,Windows10,Windows10 x64,Windows8,Win7 x32,Win7 x64,WinVista,WinVista x64,WinXP,Other

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