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License Agreement

Deep Software
Electronic End User License Agreement for Deep Log Analyzer.
Notice to user:
This is a contract. By installing this software you accept
all the terms and conditions of this agreement.

This  end  user  license  agreement accompanies the Deep Log
Analyzer product ("SOFTWARE"). The term "SOFTWARE" also shall
include  any  upgrades,  modified versions or updates of the
SOFTWARE  licensed  to  you  by  Deep Software.
Please  read  this agreement carefully.

1.  COPYRIGHT.  The  SOFTWARE  is licensed to you, not sold.
Only Deep Software owns the SOFTWARE. All copyrights on Deep
Log Analyzer are exclusively owned by the Deep Software.

2.  GRANT  OF  LICENSE.  The SOFTWARE is "in use" when it is
loaded  in  temporary  or  permanent memory of the computer.
a)  For  Full  version license. After you have purchased the
license  for  SOFTWARE you are licensed to copy the SOFTWARE
only into the memory of the number of computers equal to the
number   of   licenses  purchased.  SOFTWARE can not be used 
by more users than number of licenses purchased. You may not
copy and distribute  the SOFTWARE nor any of its derivatives
in whole or in part.
b) For Evaluation version.
i)  USE.  If you have acquired the Evaluation version of the
SOFTWARE,  you  may  install and use the SOFTWARE solely for
evaluation  and  test  purposes for the duration of the time
period  set in the SOFTWARE. You may not attempt to increase
the  functionality  of  the SOFTWARE in any manner or extend
the time limiters of the Evaluation version.
ii) DISTRIBUTION   RIGHTS.     Deep  Software  grants  you a
royalty-free  license  to copy and distribute the Evaluation
version  of the SOFTWARE and documentation in its unmodified
form  electronically  or  on  physical media means, provided
that you comply with all other provisions of this Agreement.

3.  LIMITS  ON  USE.  You may not modify, translate, reverse
engineer,  decompile,  disassemble  (except  to  the  extent
applicable  laws specifically prohibit such restriction), or
create derivative works based on the SOFTWARE.

4.  NO  OTHER WARRANTIES. This SOFTWARE is provided by nihil
"as  is"  and  any express or implied warranties, including,
but    not   limited   to,   the   implied   warranties   of
merchantability  and  fitness  for  a particular purpose are
disclaimed.  In no event shall the author (Deep Software) or
contributors be liable for any direct, indirect, incidental,
special, exemplary, or consequential damages (including, but
not limited to, procurement of substitute goods or services;
loss of use; business interruption; loss of revenue; Loss of
actual or anticipated profits (including for loss of profits
on contracts); loss of the use of money; Loss of anticipated
savings;  Loss  of  business;  Loss  of opportunity; Loss of
goodwill;   Loss  of  reputation;  Loss  of,  damage  to  or
corruption  of  data)  however  caused  and on any theory of
liability,  whether  in  contract, strict liability, or tort
(including  negligence  or otherwise) arising in any way out
of  the  use  of  this  SOFTWARE,  even  if  advised  of the
possibility of such damage.

5.  If  you  do not agree with the terms of this license you
must  remove  SOFTWARE  files from all storage devices where
you have installed it and cease to use SOFTWARE.