Double Deck Pinochle

4 hand, double deck Pinochle, No pass game. Review of deal.

4 hand,double deck, No pass game. Review of deal, Sound on/off, Save game for play later, name players, game to 350 or 500 points, Review on/off, Supports Meld Bids, Hints, Won/lost record, Very competitive play. Shareware version has 25 game limit. Registered versions have unlimited play, free upgrades and support. CD's of the game are $4.00 (Shareware, mailed to your home). Registration of the game is $24.00. Pinochle is upgraded on a regular basis. The latest shareware version is allways available from our web site. Pinochle changes the screen resolution to 800x600 at launch and restores the original resolution on exit. Desktop properties must be set to small fonts for correct display. External speakers are recommended.

Minimum requirements: Pentium PC, mouse, VGA or better, Sound Card

Operating system: Win2000,Win7 x32,Win7 x64,Win98,WinOther,WinServer,WinVista,WinVista x64,WinXP,Other

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Special permissions

Distribution: You may distribute"Double Deck Pinochle" to others provided it is very clear it is Shareware software with a 25 game limit and must be registered through SAC Products to remove the game limits and registration notices. You must not derive any revenue from the game other than your distribution costs. All program files must be intact, unaltered and complete matching our distribution assortment. Reverse compilation of "Double Deck Pinochle" is strictly prohibited. Retail versions are available for Retailers and must be obtained through SAC Products, 530-288-0715. Copyright (c) 2004-10 Larry G. Whitish (SAC Products). All rights Reserved


License Agreement: "Double Deck Pinochle" (all versions) Copyright (c) 2004-10 Larry G. Whitish (SAC Products). All rights Reserved. Read the following terms and conditions before using this software. If you do not agree to the terms in the following license disclaimer of warranty, you should delete all copies of the software in your possession.

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