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E-Mail Recovery company is a highly potential company. We focus on the e-mail data recovery. Our employers are high quality specialists and moreover enthusiasts of various data recovery solutions. All of these factors allows us to bring a innovative and high quality products. The most noticeable feature that distinguishes or product from competitors is an advanced uneraser technology to search hard disk drives, flash memory, external HDD, memory cards and other media for data that contains any information appurtenant to e-mails. This allows our users to recover messages even from deleted email databases or from damaged media. Sometimes you need to recover more then just a few e-mails. We give you a tool to recover contacts, schedules, birthday records and so on. All that you have placed in your MS Outlook.

Publisher’s software


Free access to lost and deleted mail, contacts, etc in Microsoft Outlook!

Windows | 3.33 | 20 April 2017


Recover email messages and entire email databases in a variety of formats!

Windows | 3.36 | 19 April 2017


Recover Windows Live, Vista Mail and Outlook Express data in minutes!

Windows | 3.32 | 19 April 2017