EULA: ERP PGI Imprimerie Industries Graphiques Logic Print

Pratique et complet pour l'imprimerie.

The use of this software by the user implies 
acceptance of the conditions of the License of Use, 
as set out below. 

This software is protected by the Act 
Intellectual Property and International Treaties 

LICENSE. The author gives you the owner of the copy, 
whose name appears on the title of the main screen 
program, a license for personal, non-transferable 
and non-exclusive. The software and its documentation, including 
all versions, remain the property of the author. 

You may not modify or decompile the program. 

The transferee may not conduct or authorize the conduct 
successive versions or programs derived 
that is the subject of this License Agreement 
The reproduction or transformation of the same and 
error correction must be authorized 
written permission. 

Trial Version: For the evaluation version, 
the user may make use of it for 
the period of time the author tells the effect. 
To extend the period of time, the user must purchase 
a commercial version of software. With respect to version 
evaluation, are not applicable, the following point 
of this License to Use on the warranty. The 
evaluation version is provided without warranty, express 
or implied and the user agrees to hold harmless 
the author in the event of any loss or damage, direct 
or indirect, which occurred when using it. 

WARRANTY: The author guarantees the program will work 
substantially as specified in the texts and 
aid display accompanying the product, any failure 
manufacturing and / or operation for ninety days 
from the date of receipt, subject 
of the provisions of the law applicable to consumer 
in each State or jurisdiction, if any. During this 
period, the author provided the following guarantees: 

A) The author warrants to repair or assignee 
Replacement of optical media that is defective 
preventing the operation of the program. This same 
warranty applies to the file transmitted via Internet 
if the program had been supplied by this means. 
If it became necessary to substitute the 
optical media, the transferee must submit the same to the author. 
In no case shall the replacement without a return 
upon by the assignee of the original optical media. 
The latter requirement is not necessary if the program 
has been delivered via the Internet. 

B) The author grants the assignee the substantial performance 
program as specified in the texts and aids 
by screen accompanying the product and is committed to 
resolve problems affecting the operation substantially 
the same, using the means and time limits to 
the author's criteria deemed appropriate. Notwithstanding the foregoing, 
the author is not responsible for the differences which means 
external technical might cause to the proper functioning 

JURISDICTION. The use of this software is governed by the 
Spanish law, regardless of the legal environment of the user. 
Any dispute which may arise in the interpretation of these 
conditions will be resolved in the courts of the place where you have 
Logic activity determined Print Software, S.L. 

LIMITATIONS OF LIABILITY: The security provided for in 
Using this license does not cover the lost material, 
stolen, damaged by accident, misused, 
modified without authorization or which proves defective 
cases caused by third parties outside the author. 

The author does not undertake or accept responsibility, 
with any person or entity with respect to any 
damage allegedly caused by the use or lack 
program usage, both directly and indirectly, 
including (without being limited only to) 
work interruptions, economic losses 
expected gains or losses as a result 
the use of the program. 

The program is delivered as it is, not accepting complaints 
for alleged specifications should follow the program. 
The author does not represent or warrant that the software or documentation 
are "error free" or that its operation 
be uninterrupted, or that respond to particular levels 
the user, their demands or needs. 

The author disclaims all warranties, representations or 
conditions, express or implied, including but not 
limited to any implied warranty or condition of 
merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. 

In no event shall the author be liable for 
damages exceeding the rate actually paid 
by the assignee for the program, even if the assignee 
has informed the author of the possibility of such damages. 

The transferee is responsible for use of the program do 
others who use it. The assignee assumes, 
any damages and / or costs that may 
result from inconsistencies between the program or its 
updates and software owned by third 
companies that the assignee might have installed on 
your computer as well as other problems that may arise 
by the interaction between the two programs, or 
code strings match.