FILEminimizer Suite 8.0 offers enterprises email network optimization

Press release: FILEminimizer Suite

Publisher: balesio AG

Steinhausen, Switzerland – July 15th 2014 – The balesio AG is launching the improved Desktop Version of FILEminimizer Suite V8. The software reduces the file size of PowerPoint-, MS Office-, PDF- and image-files (JPEG, PNG, TIFF, GIF, BMP) up to 95%. FILEminimizer Suite V8 is compatible with the new Windows 8 and the latest MS Office 2013 formats, 64-bit. As a simplification to the Zip-Compression the software uses an Optimization Technology (NFO) for MS Office-, PDF- und image-files, that these files can be reduced in the file size up to 15 times without any format changes. PDF is an often used document format but the file size can still be reduced with the FILEminimizer Technology. Thanks to the transparent integration in Microsoft Outlook and Lotus Notes it’s possible to optimize the MS Office-, PDF- and image (photo)-attachments directly before the email gets sent. As a result the emails will be sent / re-ceived much faster and the email server gets extremely relieved. Nowadays it’s very important for Smartphone and Tablet Users to recall the reduced files much faster. The Single User License of FILEminimizer Suite V8 costs 78.00 Euros. Prices for Multi User License start already at 2.50 Euro net per User. For businesses, there are also attractive firms licensing models. For universities and colleges individual Campus Licenses are available. About balesio AG: balesio AG is a fast-growing provider of innovative data reduction technology and storage optimization solutions that enable organisations to release up to 85% of their existing storage capacity to achieve significant, permanent storage cost savings. Headquartered in Switzerland, the company delivers primary storage optimization as well as integrated solutions for Microsoft SharePoint, Microsoft Exchange and Lotus Notes under the brand FILEminimiz-er. balesio products ( FILEminimizer, TurboDemo, ALLCapture ) are sold worldwide and have already helped small and medium-sized companies, universities, public and government institutions as well as the vast majority of For-tune 500 companies get more from their storage investments. Contact: balesio AG Daniel Dupont Turmstrasse 28 6312 Steinhausen Tel: +41 43 501 49 00