Folder Lock 7.6.4 comes with faster secure backup and a new user-friendly interface.

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Press Release - As the reliance on technology grows, it seems that people are living more productive and convenient lifestyles. Everything that was once done manually can now be done through a computer. Consequently, as the world progresses in the technological arena, the reliance on technology will keep increasing. The world has cut down on the use of paper and the use of computer databases around the world is growing - In most sense, the world is a much safer place to live thanks to computers.

What"s more, computers have allowed people to live more productive lifestyles in the sense that nearly everything can be done on a computer, whether you need to buy groceries, apply for a credit card, buy movie tickets or meet someone face-to-face in a different country, you could do so at a touch of a button. However, one drawback is that should people ever have to give up the use of technology such as computers, it would be nothing short of a calamity.

One downside of using computers such as PCs and smartphones is the security risks involved. In the future, wars will be conducted digitally instead of physically. To make matters worse, there is no one enforcing the digital realm, therefore every person is responsible for their own security. In a nutshell, users are responsible for safeguarding their personal information on computers through the use of desktop data encryption software, for data encryption is the only reliable means of keeping digital information safe.

Moving on, is committed to providing its users with reliable, effective security for their personal data. In the latest Folder Lock 7.6.1 release, minor bugs related to Windows 7 have been resolved and cloud backup has been upgraded and enhanced - allowing users to upload their encrypted lockers faster and more reliably. Another major change comes in the form of enhanced user-interface, which makes it easier to understand and utilize the features folder lock has to offer.

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