EULA: MSD Organizer Freeware

MSD Organizer Freeware complete PIM with Mail

User License Agreement for MSD Organizer

The installation and use of this program is governed by the following user license agreement, which includes a warranty limitation and a liability limitation.

If you do not agree with all the clauses of this agreement, you must not install the program. If you use this program, you explicitly accept all the clauses of this user license agreement.


The copyright of MSD Organizer is owned exclusively by the author of the program. All rights not explicitly granted in this agreement are reserved to the author.


The shareware version of this program (not registered) can be used, distributed and published freely, provided that the shareware limitations are accepted and the original distribution package is not altered in any manner. 

Activities not allowed

· The registration key of this program is personal, and in no case can it be published, distributed, transferred, handed over or sold. 

· Altering this program is not permitted in any way, neither apply reverse engineering nor decompile it. 

Remember that this program is protected by international laws. Any of this unauthorized activities will result in an immediate and automatic termination of the user license, and will provoke civil and judicial action. 

User license

The author grants to every registered user an unlimited user license, not exclusive, personal and not transferable to use MSD Organizer.

Users may install the personal version of MSD Organizer in any number of computers for personal use only (home computer, office computer, etc).

The multiuser version of MSD Organizer can be installed in as many computers as licenses have been purchased. The Administrator of MSD Organizer Server can only be installed in one computer.

The author may change in the future the registration key scheme to improve program security.

Limited warranty

MSD Organizer is distributed "AS IS". The only warranties offered by the author are the following:

· The author grants to registered users (those who have purchased a user license) the reception by electronic mail
 of a registration key which will allow them to remove the restrictions of the shareware version of the program.

· Users who purchased the lifetime user license will have free access to any future version of MSD Organizer via Internet. 

The author does not provide any other warranty for this program.

Limited responsibility


The author shall not be liable for any data loss, profit loss or any other damage caused for the use or the inability to use this program.

For any legal dispute that may arise from this user license agreement, the laws and courts of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Spain, will be applicable.