OutWit Hub

Free Web scraper: search & extract data, grab images, download files.

OutWit is the Web collection engine for everyone. It runs on your Windows, MacOS or Linux machine and allows you to browse through and easily grab online information, collect media, contacts or files from the Internet, in a few clicks. Find pictures in galleries and search engines and download them to your hard disk or display online full screen slideshows in a single click. Have the program guess the structure of data you want to extract and export it as a clean table to Excel, CSV, HTML, SQL... The Hub is the first tool based on the OutWit platform. A free collection application and a complete Web harvesting environment in a single interface, OutWit Hub gathers a large series of recognition and extraction features to ease your Web searches, sort and organize your collections, make your own mashups. With or without programming or technical knowledge, you can create automatic agents to gather and format the information you seek. Automatically browse through pages, collect and format the information you seek. This free application is accessible to casual users for fast extractions and will also allow advanced users to build and distribute their own original tools using the power of the OutWit kernel to create specific applications and wizards, with their own user interfaces, features, scripts, scrapers, directories of Web sources...

Changes: Release

Minimum requirements: No specific requirements

Operating system: Win2000,Win7 x32,Win7 x64,Win98,WinOther,WinServer,WinVista,WinVista x64,WinXP

Program URL: http://www.outwit.com

OutWit Hub screenshot


Special permissions

You have permission to include and distribute this product as is, in a commercial or non-commercial shareware site, CD-ROM or DVD-ROM or other collection. It must always, however, be presented independently. You do not have the permission to include it in any "bundle", "pack" or common installer with any other piece of software. If you plan to distribute this software, please keep us informed.


OUTWIT SOFTWARE END USER AND DEVELOPER LICENSE AGREEMENT Welcome to the OutWit Application Software (the "Software"). By downloading and/or installing the software to which this agreement is attached, you accept all the terms and conditions hereunder. You also agree to the terms of use of the Software when using the Software to access any present or future online services proposed by OutWit or other providers.

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