SoftAmbulance proudly presents new version of Partition Doctor ultimate disk recovery tool.

Press release: Partition Doctor

Do you know the fact that our brain consists of 20 billion neurons? Easy estimation shows that we can "paste" round 12 megabytes of information every day into our brain. Theoretically, up to the end of his life a person stores round 20 terabytes (!) of memories in his head. However, they are rather odd and we cannot still organize them properly. But invention of computers seemed to solve this problem. No doubt, humanity is thankful to bright intellects of scientists who invented computers and all that devices that help to store gigabytes, and in near-term outlook even terabytes of video, music, information in our personal computers. What is the main purpose of computer nowadays? To hold information and to do sums much faster than our brains are able to. But, unfortunately, the machine isn"t perfect yet. The system often loses priceless information - the hardware or operational system fails, data can be deleted or formatted, partition tables and boot records can be damaged. Even virus attack can hurt some important system files and as the result the operational system denies accessing HDD. What should you do when your data seems to be completely lost? First of all, don"t panic. There already exists effective software that recovers damage disks and lost partitions. Softambulance Partition Doctor is one of the most effective and for all that easy-to-use tools of this kind. It carefully restores damaged files in over 300 formats, including Microsoft Office documents, music and video files, deconstructs digital photos and pictures so you can preview them beforehand even in free demo version. This allows the purchaser to be sure in quality and high performance of the product. Partition Doctor has build-in Wizard that helps you to fix and restore files, folders, partitions and system structures such as NTFS, FAT, MFT and Master Boot Record in fully automatic mode. No special knowledge is required. By the way, the tool supports all Windows versions! The obvious benefit of the program is low-level sector scan function that effectively scans the entire hard drive surface to locate every file that can be restored. It can also create a virtual image of a hard drive being recovered and only access the image instead of working directly with the corrupted disk. These precautions ensure highest levels of safety to your important information. Softambulance Partition Doctor is available on Download it for free. If you know the value of information, you"ll certain that this program accomplishes its mission much more effective than other uneraser utilities.