ProbeIT is a comparison tool to help you compare two DBs or files.

ProbeIT is a comparison tool to help you diagnose the issues related to missing setup, wrong version of program files or database objects discrepancies. It takes only few minutes to setup & execute, otherwise even few days are not enough to identify the issues to fix. Typically all software development projects outlines process to address such issues but those are manual activities and always prone to have human errors. ProbeIT will reduce all of those manual activities and human errors. It is much more reliable and faster tool. Especially for enterprises implementing Agile methodologies, it is very important to keep these errors minimal. All you need to do is connect to your servers and compare your stable test environment with the production environment.

Changes: None

Minimum requirements: Windows OS, JRE 1.7 and above

Operating system: Java,WinXP,Other

Program URL:

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