SibCode introduces Sib Font Editor 2.22.

Press release: Sib Font Editor

Publisher: SibCode

SibCode introduces Sib Font Editor 2.22.

SibCode offers a great package for editing existing fonts and creating your own!

The software supports two major formats for bitmap fonts: .fon and .fnt. Besides opening and saving to these formats, you can also add a certain font to another .fon file. The utility can insert symbols from bitmap files and save symbols into bitmap images, so you"ll be able to import and export symbols whenever you want. The tool also allows you to adjust all properties of a font, such as: name, copyright, width and height of a symbol, index of the first and the last symbol, zero level and variable pitch. You can view the font"s header at any time as well.

Sib Font Editor comes with a set of features that make your design process go smoothly. If you need to add some geometric figures to form a symbol, you can take advantage of various drawing tools, allowing you to draw ellipses, rectangles and lines at once. To turn a symbol vertically or horizontally you can use flip effects. Copy and paste operations will help to swiftly replicate similar elements in symbols. In case you want to make corrections, Undo and Redo functions will come in handy. The effective controls will improve productivity and comfort.

The software is available at a low price of $29.95. A Microsoft Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP/2003/Vista/7/8 operating system is required.

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