Smart Switch

Turn voice activated devices off or on.

Turn voice activated devices off or on that recognize voices or sound with text spoken as computer voices. Gives you the option to schedule exact time to activate a device in minutes and seconds based on the system time automatically. Choose from a daily schedule, Monday thru Friday, Monday thru Saturday, Saturday and Sunday or a specific date and time. Choose from male or female voices. Choose any text to be spoken 24 hours a day. Very useful if you have only one or two devices to activate. Use on more than one computer to control devices in different rooms or levels. Very inexpensive compared to whole house high cost systems.

Changes: Comes with FLV to MP3, MP4 to MP3, WMV to MP3 converters

Minimum requirements: Internet Explorer

Operating system: WinVista,Win8 x64,Win8 x32,Win7 x32

Program URL:

Smart Switch screenshot


Special permissions

SmartSwitch is free to be redistributed free of charge as shareware/trial software via internet or through cds. It should be expressed to the consumer that that this os only trial use software and has limited functionality and a set number of uses. Any other redistribution constitutes fraud if a fee is paid for this software to give the impression of ownership to the consumer and is unacceptable and a violation of intellectual property rights and consent is not given to transfer ownership of this software. Violation of this agreement violates copyrights of thsi software and international treaties and in this case you are not authorized to resell this software without the express permission of Tekware.


Tekware EULA-End User License Agreement IMPORTANT, PLEASE READ CAREFULLY. THIS IS A LICENSE AGREEMENT This Tekware product is protected by copyright laws and international copyright treaties, as well as other intellectual property laws and treaties. This Tekware product is shareware, and is not warrenteed .

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