Stimulsoft Reports Server

Stimulsoft BI is a client-server system for data management.

Stimulsoft BI is a client-server system that allows you to easily and effectively implement a full cycle of working with reports from the designing and automation of execution information processing tasks to preparing for convenient presentation of results to users. Functionality and power of the reporting module is implemented using a fast and modern technology Stimulsoft Reports which flexibility and reliability is time-tested. Stimulsoft BI is designed on the base of the "client-server" computing architecture. It is based on the interaction of multiple clients with the server. The client side provides data visualization and user interface. The server side provides data processing, storing and passing the necessary information to the client application. Such a system organization has many advantages, including scalability, high reliability and security because of the isolation of levels, optimal use of network resources and data channels, and the ability to use a variety of clients for a variety of platforms. Stimulsoft BI includes the server and client parts, as well as an open documented API for different platforms. This opens the opportunity to interact of any modern programming language with our system. So it is easy to integrate Stimulsoft Reports Server in a closed corporate environment and merge the necessary applications into a single system. Ability to change the report server functionality allows doing unique enhancements suitable for special situations.

Changes: Added features: The OData Connection in the report engine. Update items: Showing a scheduler error in the PopUp window. Fixed issues: The problem with sending email from the scheduler if the Italian localization is set.

Minimum requirements: 2-core processor 2.31 ​​GHz, RAM 2 GB, 500 MB of free space, .NET Framework 4.5, IIS

Operating system: WinXP,Win7 x32,Win7 x64,Win2000,Windows 8

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Stimulsoft Company, a leading developer of software for data processing and analysis in the field of Business Intelligence announces the release of a new product - Stimulsoft Reports Server. This is a client-server system that facilitates easy and ef

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The trial version of the software can be freely distributed over the internet.


Stimulsoft Reports Server. Software Licensing Policy. Stimulsoft Reports Server licensing depends on the number of users. The user is a person who has a created account on the server, connects to it from a client, registered there as a user and uses Stimulsoft Reports Server for working with reports.

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