Structures Office brings Structural Analysis to the Microsoft Office

Press release: StructuresOffice

WHO: Structures Office L.L.C. is a new company committed to expanding the Microsoft Office Suite for Structural Analysts. WHAT: Their product, called StructuresOffice, has the look and feel of a cross between Microsoft Office, a Computer Aided Design tool. Structural Analysts, in all fields, will find the product useful, whether it"s in the design of buildings, bridges, or in aerospace products. StructuresOffice may be run standalone, just as any Office program, or it may be embedded in Excel and driven with VBA. WHERE: Structures Office is available on windows 7, windows 8 and later. It requires 1GB RAM and 12 MB disk space. WHEN: The first edition is free and has just been released. HOW: The initial release enables the construction of arbitrary beam cross-sections and the computation of a complete set of geometric section properties, moments of inertia, radius of gyration, section modulus etc. Users will find the program to be of high quality, with a rich user interface, Non-Uniform Rational B-spline geometry, and it has excellent performance. Embedded in Excel, it brings quality structural analysis tools to spreadsheets make them more professional, more powerful, and more productive. Validation of results is done through redundant computations to provide self-checking. Training is provided through a series of on-line videos. Structures Office L.L.C is an “Agile Development" company, with new capabilities added on a 4 week cycle.