TDMore v is Released with Overall Enhanced Upgrade

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Publisher: TDMore Software

TDMore v is Released with Overall Enhanced Upgrade

Beijing, China -- TDMore Software, a strongly competitive multimedia solution provider released its newly upgraded v enhanced overall on January 21st, 2015. In this new version, the support of ImgBurn which carries the strong wish of most users according to was available on TDMore copy products. The compatibility of AVI files on TV and other hardware playback devices were greatly improved. Plus, some minor improvements and changes were added. Let"s see more about it.

ImgBurn burning engine support was available on TDMore copy products

Last month, TDMore official forum on myce club has released a post to collect the wish of most users on extra burning engines adding on TDMore products. According to the result, ImgBurn gained the highest votes. Thus, in the new version v, TDMore copy products (TDMore DVD Copy, Blu-ray Copy and Free DVD Copy) added the support to burn with this powerful burning engine as an extra option. Users can not only burn their source DVD/Blu-ray with the advanced TDMore exclusive burning engine, but also use another robust one: ImgBurn. Choice is yours! Hope you every versatile video life!

TDMore converter products were improved to be more compatible and perfect

In TDMore v, TDMore paid converter products (TDMore DVD Converter and Blu-ray Converter) were fixed and improved to be more perfect. A progress display error in the process of a multi-task conversion in some certain cases was fixed. And the subtitle display/color error in the converted files occasionally won"t take place any more. In addition, the compatibility of AVI video files on TV and other hardware playback devices are greatly improved. The new TDMore converter products will surely become more compatible with your devices and needs.

TDMore products could be more seamless than expected

TDMore products could be more seamless than your expectation. All products steps in every version with big enhancement or some minor improvements and changes. In v, a problem that the output files are too small in size when compressing BD 5o into BD 25 with hardware acceleration enabled in certain cases was fixed. TDMore Software is committing to offering the best product