TextPipe Engine 11 - text wrangling and data conversion component

Press release: TextPipe Engine

Publisher: DataMystic

Subject: Define, Test and Automate Complex Text Processing Without Coding FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE DEFINE, TEST, AND AUTOMATE COMPLEX TEXT PROCESSING WITHOUT CODING Melbourne, Australia - February 5, 2020 - DataMystic announces TextPipe Engine 11, its updated text wrangling and data conversion component TextPipe is a swiss army knife for manipulating or extracting data from text files of any type -XML, HTML, TXT from PC/Mac/Unix, log files, Mainframe report files, delimited or fixed-width, structured or unstructured text. Unlike other tools, TextPipe doesn"t care how big files are. 50GB files can be sorted without problem, even if the computer only has 4GB RAM. Unlike perl and other text tools, TextPipe provides a visual interface where text filters can be designed, tested, documented - and understood by others months later. TextPipe combines ultra-fast search/replace (e.g. 300,000 search terms), sorting of gigantic files, Unicode and code page conversion, extraction of esoteric mainframe copybook data, and website text mining tools all into the one convenient toolbox. Filters can also be automated and embedded into your favorite programming language. Uniquely, TextPipe can restrict the scope of a filter to ranges of lines and columns, to a set of CSV or tab-delimited fields, to lines matching a pattern, to specific HTML/XML tags and more. Restrictions can be stacked together, e.g. to only change the ALT text of IMG tags with a hyperlink around them. TextPipe is used extensively by data providers, mail houses, publishers, banks, federal and state government agencies, universities, law courts, systems integrators, DBAs and IT consultants - in 62 countries - by anyone that routinely deals with text. CONTACT Contact: Simon Carter Title: CEO Company: DataMystic, 5 Bond St, Mt Waverley, Victoria 3149, Australia Website: http://www.datamystic.com Tel: +61-3-9913-0595 Availability TextPipe can be downloaded from the company"s website, www.datamystic.com. The Pro license is US$395, with a Standard ($99) and Lite ($59.95) edition also available. Also available: A consultant"s Run Time Edition (where editing is disabled), an application programmer"s TextPipe Engine, and a Multi-CPU version. System Requirements TextPipe runs on Microsoft Windows 10, 9, 8, 7, Vista/Vista x64, 2003/2008 Server with 20 MB free disk space and 32 MB RAM. The download file is 7 MB. Direct download link: http://www.datamystic.com/textpipepro-pr.exe Product page: http://www.datamystic.com/textpipe.html Screen shot: http://www.datamystic.com/images/textpipe_screen.gif Box shot: http://www.datamystic.com/images/textpipepro_box.jpg Pad file: http://www.datamystic.com/pad/textpipe.xml

Source: http://www.datamystic.com/press/textpipe-versioned?version=11&date=February%205,%202020