Crystal Office Systems Released WinLock Remote Administrator.

Press release: WinLock Remote Administrator

January, 2019 For Immediate Release For more information contact: Crystal Office Systems announces the release of WinLock Remote Administrator. WinLock Remote Administrator, the network security solution for Windows networks. A new security application that will make networks safer and administrators" life easier. Remote Administrator provides remote (IP-based) configuration of WinLock and WinLock Professional clients by means of a comfortable and easy-to-use interface. Being a client-server application, Remote Administrator enables the administrator to control the network installations of WinLock without leaving the computer. By means of a fast and secure communication technology, administrators can manage WinLock settings, enable or disable each copy of WinLock separately, send pop-up messages and much more. Remote Administrator is based on a powerful encrypted protocol that allows fast and secure communication between multiple machines. WinLock Remote Administrator is licensing on per remote host basis. You can acquire trial version from the Crystal Office Systems Web site at