Inter-Process Communication (IPC) tool for VB, VB.NET and C programs

beWISE provides a very easy-to-use interface for sharing data between your applications, allowing them to exchange information in real-time. Simply share variables among all your VB.NET, VB6 and C programs as if they where global variables of a single program. With beWISE you can make your VB.NET, VB6 and C programs work together like a team. Your VB6 application could e.g. get information from your C driver, process it and deliver it to your VB.NET program for displaying. The VB.NET user interface could in turn remote control your driver and the VB6 application. All by just changing values of shared variables; no knowledge of Inter-Process Communications (IPC) required. Add the beWISE DLL to your application, declare your variables and you are ready to go. The beWISE product is good for parallel software development, integration of legacy applications and creation of distributed systems.

Minimum requirements: VB 6.0 or VB 2005

Operating system: Windows2000,WinXP

Program URL:

beWISE screenshot


Special permissions

You may include beWISE on any CD compilation. You may not sell the evalution copy. You must disclose that beWISE is SHAREWARE and the product is not free.


beWISE SOFTWARE LICENSE: With purchase of one license you a) may install beWISE on up to 5 (five) of your own computers for development purposes b) are allowed to distribute beWISE files together with your application (to allow it to run) free of charge as long as your application is not a development system c) are not allowed to distribute beWISE files for free if you are selling (or otherwise giving away) any type of development system.

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