einklang.visuals GmbH

Grosse Brunenstrasse 156
Website: https://www.vjmachine.com
Email: info@vjmachine.com

einklang.visuals GmbH is young and innovative company from Hamburg in Germany. The founders are looking back on fourteen years of know-how and experience gained from live VJ appearances and the creation of so-called 3D real time demos under the Demo and VJ-label einklang.net, which has become nationally and internationally renowned. In practice however, VJmachine was continually improved and contextually expanded. einklang.visuals GmbH develop automated music visualizer for the events, house parties and the clubing branches. VJmachine enables everybody to make a show like a professional VJ without any preparation of content. VJmachine creates a unique symbiose of sound and visuals. VJmachine is a Ready to Run 3D music visualizer software and music video creation tool with a rich set of content, videos and 3D features and a easy to use user interface. VJmachine make it easy for organisers and advertisers to strengthen customer affiliation and brand consciousness with marketing features. Musician and creatives can create there own music videos for YouTube or other media channels.

Publisher’s software


3D Music visualizer and music video creator for Everyone. Unique tight visuals.

Windows | 2.0 | 11 February 2019