EULA: magento startrack shipping

magento startrack shipping extension

2.1 General Matters The customer gets a license on purchasing the product, which will be valid until the customer stops using the product or AppJetty revokes this license because of customer's inability to adhere to any of its terms and conditions. A license sold does not contain the ownership of any original works, part of it, or any documentation or derivative works of the product. Editing of license document in any other way but through Administrator Control Panel User Interface will lead to cancellation of license, client's deprivation of right for a refund, product update, and in product's incorrect operation. AppJetty doesn't hold any accountability for any business or personal data loss or harm caused to site in the event of license functionality editing attempts. 2.2 License Registration AppJetty provides a Single Installation License for its products. Although, license for One test instance is provided with single installation license. All Product instances where the product is used should have specific license through registering at AppJetty. For registration of the license the customer need to provide the domain name of the live site and also the development host (if any). Registration of license is compulsory, as the activation would not validate on customer's instance without registration.