KISSKey Keylogger

The keylogger even Einstein
would be crazy about

KISSKey Keylogger

Physicists of the nineteenth century had a difficult time explaining the behavior of gravity, magnetism and light acting over large distances using their old theories. So, they invented a medium they called aether and said it was responsible for those phenomena. Over time, however, they made more observations, observations that required making more assumptions about aether. In time, their theory of aether became very, very complex.

Enter Albert Einstein, a worker in the Swiss patent office. Einstein believed the universe was at its core very simple, and he had a simple idea: if time is not constant but is instead relative, all the difficulties disappear. His new calculations based on relativity theory were vastly simpler, the assumptions far fewer, and the universe now made much more sense (well, to physicists at least).

Albert Einstein

The KISS principle in software

Software can be like theories in physics: much too complicated, too large, too difficult to easily understand and use, and full of functions you don’t need and will never use.

Enter the KISS principle. Smart software developers believe in the “Keep It Simple, Stupid” approach. And so do intelligent software consumers. Software in a small package that does just what you need and no more is a real pleasure. No useless bells and whistles. No hassles. Click. Go!

KISSKey Keylogger

KISSKey Keylogger is based on the KISS principle, and it makes keylogging a snap. One interface, simple configuration, easy choices, and the core keylogging functions you want. Secretly log the keystrokes of all PC users and email the logs anywhere. It’s just that easy.

Try it or buy it, here’s what KISSKey Keylogger will do:

  • Keystroke logging in most PC and web page fields
  • Monitoring of all PC users
  • Log files emailed to you as frequently as every 10 minutes zipped and password guarded
  • Concealment from PC users
  • Hidden and password-protected interface
  • Fast and simple installation
  • Operation on Windows XP through Windows 8.1, 32- and 64-bit
  • FREE trial download.

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